Trend alarm: How to interpret pastels into your style

The spring is coming around and as always the pastels rule the fashion world and with the 70's and l
ate parts of 60's already ruling 2015 you might want to know how to interpret the pastel part into your style.

Firstly it's clothes, but this is a beauty/makeup blog, so we're going to focus on that.
The easter hair is coming in after years of dip dye, pastel pink and lilac hairs has been trending the last few years. This means any colour in pastel. The fact that it's becoming mainstream is both wonderful and boring. Boring because then it won't be something special, and I love when colourful people stands out in the crowd, it's interesting people to see, but hey, the alternatives always finds a way. Wonderful because our lives can be enriched with colours popping everywhere and it may be less scary for some to take the step into dying their hair crazy!

Another less extreme way is makeup and nails.

For nails, I personally use my OPI "mod about you", it's a bit thick and chips off easily, so it requires a lot of maintaining to keep them pretty and a top coat.

In the makeup section, you can add in a touch of pastel into your makeup for a chic touch. Mix mixing liquid from makeup store and your eyeshadow, this makes an opaque long lasting eyeliner with the option of variation.

Another option, lay a pastel eyeshadow all over the lid. Blues, purples and mints are all great options for the all over shadow, but avoid laying just pink because it can make your eyes look irritated.

Lipstick wise you can go safe or bold, Add a washed off red colour to match with a more settled coat in beige for example. The perfect 70's match! In the picture below I'm wearing MAC Speed dial.
Or you can use a shade that's crazy and go all out. Mint green, lilac or baby blue, the options are endless. I tend to warm up my MAC Viva glam Nicki Minaj shade as anything I put on my lips since they're quite big becomes more of a statement.