Review of the MAC paint pot "indianwood"

I think most beauty interested know of the classic paint pot from MAC in Soft Ichre. But have you ever checked out some of the other colours? Here is my review of the Indianwood one.
The colour is a dark copper with gold shimmer in it and red undertones, or as MAC describe themselves an metallic antique bronze.


The packaging comes in a sturdy thick glass case with a screw cap. I was worried the first time I travelled with it, that it would break or if I dropped it on our tile floor, but it hasn't yet and trust me, I tend to drop things easily. It's slick and chic, and for 21 Dollars it looks way more expensive, 

Wearing time

The wearing time is fantastic about 8 hours before it even fades slightly without any powder to set it, it wears just as good as a primer and I know some people use the crème shadow for that.


The top picture is how it looks swathed and how intense you can build it up to. The next picture is applied by it self and the third is a combination of this as a base and eyeshadow.
I love how versitale it is and is a lifesaver for people who are lazy in the morning like myself. I tend not to wear more makeup than mascara and eyebrows as I prefer sleeping, but if I don't want to spend any time in the morning but still need some more makeup I reach for this.

The colour is amazing, and really makes blue eyes pop, but copper can go with most colours and skin shades. Of course if you're darker this will add a beautiful shine and glow to your eyes and for fairer skin like me it adds more shadow.

The texture is really smooth, but make sure to blend quick because it dries easily. 


This is really a catch, because it's so pigmented you don't use it up so quickly, it's versatile and quick to just throw on. For the colour, versatility and the fact that it cost just as much as most eye shadows I think it's a good value for your money.
The price is 21$ at MAC Cosmetics 

Sorry this upload came so late, our landlord came and fixed our new shower, and I had to help him and then go to work, so I didn't have time to finish it before now! 


  1. oh I got the one that's my skin color because I use it as an eye primer