Photoshoot day

It's starting to evolve into something this site of mine. I did a photoshoot with Anne Guro today, or not super pro, I did makeup, hair and photos, to use in a campaign/advertisement for hair/makeup on confirmation photos, and it was super fun! The point of the makeup is to look as natural and Norwegian as possible, and I think these pictures captured it truly. 

Other then that we tested casting of ears today, so I'm very exited to see if it works. The negative is filled with plaster right now, so hopefully I'll see if it worked out good in an hour. 
And I've created my site, it's just not up and going yet and I am still working on design and stuff. Of course I will go over to something more pro if I have a lot of happy costumers, but for now I'm starting on wordpress, separate from my blog and with my own name in Norwegian. 

This is one option of the posters. I'm not sure it will end up like this, and with this particular photo, but definitely something similar. What do you think of it, would you give me a call? 


  1. Such beautiful photos, I really love the look of the location that they were taken in!

    Laura from www.whatlauralovesuk.com xxx