New in: Love, Tanya and art supplies

So I'm sorry updates have been bad these last two days, I've got a really hectic week in front of me and I don't have time to properly write and photograph.
But today as always school ended a quarter on two, and since my dad also had the day off we decided to get some coffee in the city. I was originally supposed to just fix my glasses and go to Ă˜sterlie kunst og farvehandel to use a gift card I got for christmas.
I did get that done and coffee turned into dinner, we went around town and both found ourself a book. Lucky me got the book as a present from dad! And let me tell you, it was urgent, I haven't found the Love, Tanya anywhere online of Norwegian suppliers and most of the big book shops hadn't taken it in. But the big one in Olav Trygvassonsgate had ONE left, so I grabbed it before it was to late!
Other then that I finally got a metal spatula and some more carving tools for special effects and a brush for painting. I also bought volume 3 in fundamental drawing, but I need volume 2 and 1 as well, they just didn't have it in right now.

How is your week looking? And have you read the Love, Tanya by Tanya Burr book?