My morning saving

For somebody who doesn't like breakfast, smoothies are a great option. It taste sweet, it's full of healthy fibres and fill you up via liquid so it's easier to get it down.
Why you should eat breakfast has a number of reasons, first off it start off our metabolism, makes you less likely to snack unhealthy during the day, keeps you in a good mood and gives you a good start on the day and enough energy to do what you're doing,
And it's a good way to get a vitamin boost during the day. I tend to go quite simple on my smoothies as I drink it as breakfast/to fill up rather then the health reason behind it.

My regular ingredients list

Vanilla yogurt
1 Banana
One frozen handful of strawberries, blueberries and wild berries OR
Two handfuls of frozen strawberries

The frozen berries makes it thick and creamy, and banana adds natural sweetening.

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