How to do blush

Blushes can come in both creme and powder, but no matter what there is some ground rules for applying it. Blush binds the whole look together and can give a otherwise blank and pale face some warmth again, there is a number of different shades and placements, but here are the ground rules.


Try to place the blush so it blends in with your contour, avoid streaks. 

The apple of your cheek

If you put a blush on the apple of your cheek, it will make your face look rounder and more innocent, looks best with angled faces because it can balance it out.

The cheekbone

 If you put a blush on the slightly above the middle of the cheekbone it will add a natural blushing. This is the most common way to use most blushes and looks good on all face shapes.

If you add it slightly below the middle of the cheekbone it will ad a sexier and more angular look, this looks best with darker blushes as it contoured a bit at the same time and looks great on people that has rounder faces to sharpen them.

Light blushes

First off as you can see from the photo above, the light shades go in the apples of your cheek, they can also go on the high point of your cheekbone right beneath your highlight.
Light blushes look innocent, and delicate. They tend to sweeten up your look, and if you place it on the apples of your cheek it will make them rounder.  

TIP! If you're applying coral blushes, don't go any further then your iris. This gives a natural finish, and if your cheeks are too orange it can make you look sun damaged.

Medium blushes

Medium blushes are the standard blushes, they can come in red, coral, pink and so on. They can look pretty vibrant in the pot, but once applied they look amazing.
These are also the most standard and looks good on all faces. 

Dark blushes

If you're wearing a wine red blush or dark pink etc. it can look very sexy. These sharpen your face and look great on people who have rounder face shapes. Avoid placing them to high on your cheekbone as they can look overwhelming and overdone, dark blushes should be blended up from your contour. (the contour edge and the blush edge meets, and to make the blush look natural should be blended upwards giving the most pigment underneath and slightly below the middle of the cheekbone). 

The difference between overload of product and dramatic blush

A dramatic blush can be a bit stronger then the one in this picture, but the point remains the same. Always consider the other makeup and the colour of the blush, because too much blush can make you look cakey, exhausted and cold. Another tip is that dramatic lip makeup and eye makeup should have a settled blush, because a dramatic blush with other dramatic makeup can make it look overdone. 

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