High-end vs. hight-street

The debate, is high-end or high-street beauty products better? If you don't know the difference, high-street are products like Max Factor and Maybelline, products you'd find in boots, H&M and so on. High-end on the other hand is products like Lancôme, MAC and Nars.
Now what is better? 

I think first of they all serve their purposes and it depends on the type of product. Though I am not argumentative about hair care. I have yet to find a product that equals the quality of the ones you can get at a salon. And since they are more concentrated, you should use less, meaning you don't use up the products as easy and the cheap watered grocery hair oils and shampoos runs out fairly quick.

So I tend to wear more makeup from high-end then high-street, but I don't say high street products are bad. My experience has been both good and bad with these products. You should always consider your budget and what you expect from makeup. I've learned that with high-street it tends to be very hit or miss. Some products are goldmines and others just don't do anything good, it's different amongst all products and a brand can have both good and bad products.

For example my Maybelline fit me foundation lasts on my face almost as good as my usual high-end, and is one of the few I've found that looks natural on my face, pale yellow undertones. But then again, I am more reliant on powder for good wearing time.
Now what will I advice you go for?


Now on one hand, I think there are some great options for mascara in the high-street here. This is a safe category and as long as you research your product a little bit before buying it you should be good to go. Personally I've been using Lancôme for years, and have just jumped of to Estèe Lauder. And I find them great, as the price tag is only slightly over high-street and they work great I tend to buy them before high-street. But for missions and clients, I could just as easily have used "one million lashes waterproof" mascara, as I think it's almost as good as these. 


I have had my best and worst experiences with eye liners from high-street. I will recommend ELF Gel eyeliner, but other then that they have smudged, worn off quickly and haven't been intense. Of course I've not tried them all, but on this one if you want to be safe go for a more respected high-end brand. At least on pencil liners. 


Eyeshadow tends to be measured in how pigmented they are and fallouts. This is more about experimentation, and you can pretty much get the same thing for 4 and 20 dollars. But as always, read reviews and listen to others who have tried the product you are looking at. 


Here I can't say much as I've only tried primers from high-end. 

Foundation and concealer 

Depending on your need, the coverage you want, what skin type and colours available this is a tricky one. I do find more expensive foundations  and concealers better often, they tend to last longest and have the best wear-ability. But there are some good less expensive ones as well, I mentioned the Maybelline fit me earlier, and it's perfect colour wise, but it doesn't last the entire day. So I am going to trade it to something new after I've finished this bottle. 

Blush and contouring

Blushes in powder form is by my experience good in both, it's all about the colour. As long as you apply it nicely and it's powder there is rarely any difference.
For contouring in powder I would be a bit more careful, they tend to be more orange and harsh from the high-street, but as with powder blush as long as the colour suits you they are both just as good.
In crèmes for both I would go for high-end as I've experienced high-street don't always last that long. 

Lip products

Here is a hit and miss, both of them can both be terrible and great and there is no better then the other. 

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