Hair update

Okay! I've re-dyed my roots and changed my ombrè, it was time for an update. Since I can't use "permanent"(oxidation) colours because of allergies I need to use demi-permanent. It sticks for about 4 weeks depending on the surface and the colour you have. Now my foundation for my dark ash blonde is platinum blonde, since it was bleached, and then I wanted my natural colour. So it slides and shows more easy since there is such a difference.

And I added a rose colour to my ends instead of the light blonde. I did actually use permanent hair dye here because it doesn't touch my skin during colouration. But no dye is ever really permanent, so I am sure I'll be back to dark blonde ash and light ash after summer.
It was sure good with a change, the rose looks lilac in daylight and grey in night, so it's really an indescribable colour.

For the hair growth I am still on a break from FAST shampoo and conditioner, and just massage my scalp frequently and take Omega-3 tablets and multivitamins with 100% of our daily recommended consummation of biotin in them. The hair has grown 1 inch (2.5 cm) since 22 of February, which is a lot, but I guess  the FAST shampoo and conditioner still affects the hair growth about a month after use, as it target our follicles. And the vitamins and scalp massage has also helped a lot.

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