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Today has really been a creative day! I started school with "self care day" where we work on each other instead of costumers or dolls and dye, cut and so on our hair. I dyed one girls hair pink and she made my ombrè more ashy with a rosè colour in the tips. And at the same time I took some photos, changed my design, cooked dinner and worked my ass off for creating kids face paint designs. I'm doing a birthday party for a former aunt of mine and her daughter, so I need a lot of girl designs.
What do you think of these three? I got 5 different designs per now.


  1. that is so cool. i'd love to have my face painted feels like I stopped doing that in my childhood :( guess coz we got foundation and stuff now that we don't want to ruin


    1. Thank you :D yes, but since I do special effects I never really stopped, haha!

  2. Wow, imponerende! Dette var skikkelig fint :D