Chanel advert

Sometimes it is good that we have interesting school projects. I've been spending the mayority of my night designing this bad boy and reading my book by Todd Debreceni, I'm on page 334, and I'm 66% finished so there will be a review up soon. Currently I'm reading about wig making and moustache making, whoo!
Anyway, I was originally supposed to do Marroccan oil, this is a project in "Norwegian", but due to some circumstances I ended up having to choose differently. So I chose one of the ladies that inspires me the most, Coco Chanel. I will probably never afford to buy her dresses and iconic bag, I can still love her perfume and her timeless quotes. I chose this quote because it's tempting, luxurious, fits with a perfume ad and it is one of the quotes I love by her.

These are the pictures I worked from. I added an alpha channel and removed the background from the perfume bottle, adjusted the colours and added it onto the catwalk picture. The catwalk picture I adjusted colours, contrast, brightness etc. and then lastly added on the text. Simple as that!
And yes, my "photoshop" and camera skills have massively improved since I did my header, I know it's shit, I'm working on fixing a new one. I'm far from good, but less shit.

I hope this wasn't too boring, I'm off writing my presentation and reading my book. Do you like these types of posts from me? It was sure fun doing something different!

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  1. the quote was really good. I sometimes find myself comparing myself to others but we should all just be ourselves. we should want people to love us for us not for being like other people