"A wise mans fear" by Patrick Rotfuss (The kingkillerchronicles 2) review

I finished this book over two months ago, so it was time for a book review again.
I loved the first book, it took me to a time where computers and phones didn't exist, but magic and knowledge was there. It made me fall in love over and over. You can see I had quite high expectations for the sequel of "The name of the wind". Sadly it disappointed me, not to the level that it was a bad book, it was just kind of tiring.

The fact that it's 2000 pages together may have something to do with it. In the end of the book I was tired of Kvothe's (The main character) behaviour. He's arrogant, and belives he's always right and never takes no for an answer, never. In the first book we get to see Kvothe as a child and young teenager, and get to know his strong and good sides. But in book number two we get to see more of the dark sides, and at first it's fun, but then you're dying for a character development throughout the book. But at the same time as I didn't think Kvothe had any character development after the first 350-500 ish pages, I felt like I got to know the character as a person better in this book.

Now there is still some time until the last book is in our shelf and ready to be read, so I think maybe it had to be a little bit boring in book two, to make book three amazing and to tight up those loose ends. At least I'm waiting!

Another thing worth mentioning is that the book is as the last, divided into two sections, past and present. Kvothe tells his own story and that's the past and the present is where he tells the story and incindens etc. inbetween.
In the first book Kvothes youth seemed the most interesting and intriguing part, but in this book the present plays a bigger role.

If you haven't read my review for the first book, click here  it can affect how this review is understood. 

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