7 products to prep for spring

March is nearly over, can you believe it?  And that means that spring is around the corner, at least for the ones here up in the north. And if your country are already blooming, then these are good go-to products as well.

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1. Self-tanner

Many tend to feel fresher and prettier with a nice tan on their bodies, myself included. But laying in the sun for hours and fry ourself or in a solarium isn't the best option when it comes to cancer and wrinkles. That is why I love the idea of self-tanning.
I am one of those people who hate laying in the frying sun for hours. I can lay there if the temperature is not too hot, but on vacation I tend to stick beneath shadow.
Now this is my first year testing self tanners (I decided to try it since I am not going anywhere tropic this year), so I can't say much about which ones to go for yet.
But I've been using the dove summer glow self tanner which is supposed to gradually give you tan, but I think mine got a little patchy, and I got quite darker the first time. I tried it again after scrubbing it off and thinned it with regular body lotion and I got a nice natural healthy glow without streaks and patches.

2. Scrub

Scrubbing away the layers of dead skin often does wonders for it's softness and overall look. I don't really like spending much money on this item and make my own or have a scrub glove near me.
I like to mix oil or moisturiser with sugar/salt and it does wonders. Be sure to act quick because it does dissolve. 

3. Lip balm

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Here again with working the foundation of the makeup. If you have finally found a lip balm to win over my dry lips, and that is of course Carmex. 

4. Hair oil

I think that if you don't have nice healthy hair it can be styled and dyed in all the colours of the rainbow, it still doesn't look good. To have healthy hair both short and long is beautiful and hair oil is a great option for this. But if your hair get really greasy quickly, use a volume shampoo with a leave in conditioner instead of regular conditioner and avoid things like oil in anything other then the tips of your hair. 

5. Nail polish

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To have fresh nails often brightens up the entire look. If your lips are moisturised, your tan is in place, the skin fresh, your hair is healthy and your nails are painted, you don't need to do much in the morning to look fresh and dolled up. 
Hint! Pastels are popular this season and if you want to look even tanner, use a cold taupe as cold highlights warmth.

6. Brow dye/mascara dye

To make your mornings quicker and easier, to go for brow/lash dye is  very time sparing. At least if you fill in your brows and add mascara as a daily routine.

7. Green tea

If you want to cut down on caffeine, green tea makes it easier to quit. It gives you the feeling of drinking something warm, and if you choose the right kind is both healthy for you and gives you an energy boost.