5 for this year

This is five big events happening this year for me. 

1. I'm turning 18 this year 

which equals the same rights as a 21 year old in US, only exception there are some night clubs you can't attend and your alcoholpercent can only be up to 21%.
On paper, I'll be an adult!


I don't really know how to explain this. But when highschool/college (12th and 13th) graduates we party hard from 1st of May to 17th of May, drink and do challenges to get somethink like an icicle in our hats. Weird but super fun!

3. I'm completely changing education direction! 

I have been at hairdressing for two years now, and should really start my time as a trainee. But due to allergies I can't finish my degree. For me it wasn't a disappointment as I was only going hairdressing to get a degree in theatre makeup, but I found a better solution after talking with "udanningsdirektoratet", they suggested I'd rather do the thing I'm doing now to get just as much education for less time as well.
Now the education I'm hopefully attending (if I get in) is general admission, to work on a bachelor after that!

4. I am (It's made, but not finished) finally launching my website/business 

to the extent my hobby business can be called that.

5. IMATS London! 

I will be attending IMATS this year and will be in London for 5 full days! Since it's my first year I'm so exited I don't know what do do!

That was five big things that will happen to me this year that I know of so far. I was convinced this would be a boring year, but last (2 years ago) new years eve I was sure of that as well, and so much happened, so  "Life's what happens when you're busy making plans"

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