Werewolf drawing practising

I am far from a great artist, so my biggest problem with special effects have always been to create realistic looking sketches, I prefer to go straight on and rather fail myself to a good result. But as I am slowly learning more sculpting and planning my future of being a special effects artist I need to learn drawing better. Firstly it will save a ton of product, time and ideas that looks really cool inside my head gets a test into "reality". Second, I would like to be a better drawer as it affects my results on paintings and body paints.

What I've done here

Is to google werewolf, with the intention of drawing a makeup look (You will se why later), but ended up drawing the whole wolf. It is far from original, I won't take credit for the idea. but I didn't think it turned out too bad for somebody who isn't a particular great drawer. 

The drawing took about two hours 

Anyway, I wanted to share this with you and hope you found it interesting! I actually ended up with planned sketching makeup looks because I needed a break from my book, I am nearly done so after planning/finishing next weeks post I will go back to reading.

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