Urban Decay Primer Potion Review

I have used UD primer potion for a year now and I can not understand I haven't done a review! I got the UD primer potion original for christmas by my mum after drooling for several years. Since you can't get Urban Decay in Norway, you need to order online and pay expensive fees and shipping usually. But my mum wanted to really surprise me and order some exiting products that I couldn't get my hands on unless I'm on holiday.
Note! You can from yesterday order from Kicks.no or visit their selected stores and buy urban decay in Norway.


The packaging is slick and looks rather expensive, the metallic lilac makes it looks high tec and urban, but the shape of the tip makes me think of ancient cultures, and together it makes a very interesting and simple design.

Wearing time

 The primer makes eyeshadow last quite a lot longer, especially for me with super oily lids. Without primer my eyeshadow just melts and sinks into the crease of my global line. It expands the wearing time to 8-10 hours depending on what you are doing and if you tend to rub your eyes.

How I use it

I usually add it beneath my concealer and eyeshadow. It keeps the concealer from creasing as well, and I like to add some translucent powder or a eyeshadow with a colour similar to my skin tone. If I am adding a darker transition colour, I'll add that over the plain one. The reason is that it's a sticky surface and it becomes hard to blend properly.

 The lightest spot is without the primer, both are the same colour. 

Colour & texture

It does have a slight colour to it, it eliminates the visibility of veins on your lids, and if you're putting it over white facepaint, it will show up as regular skin tone.
The texture is smooth and sticky and fills in fine lines around your eyes.


The price isn't too bad if you think about how long it will last you. But for somebody on a budget it might be a high price. But in the long run it will pay off, so if you are on a budget and looking for a primer I would save up for this. 

20 dollars at Sephora.com 

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