Theatrical thursday #16 Exposed bones

I tested a bit more anatomy based look today, I actually think I could have used clay/paper mache, fitted it to my hand and applied it with scar wax or if I wanted it to look more professional looking used silicone A/B/3 degree. It's no secret scar wax is a bitch to work with, but it's far more economical. I've nearly married my pot from Ben Nye and have learned to work with it when I am on my own for my personal projects/blog.

The bones exposed are named the metacarpal bones, and this would be suited (In a little different design) for poisonous or corrosive fluids spilled or ripped after a car accident by being dragged over asphalt, for example.

I've pretty much used my Ben Nye Master FX  Bruise wheel, my Ben Nye scar wax and Ben Nye thick blood.

What did you think of today's look, honestly?  

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