The perfect nude eyeshadow squad

Want to effortlessly have what you need in a small, travel friendly compact? You don't need to look further then the Dior eyeshadow squad.

This is a travel size I got ages ago with my Dior show mascara, this travel sized one is limited edition, but it's practically the same as "Cuir Cannage" or "Bar", only the white is slightly warmer and look more like a egg/cream coloured shadow in "Cuir Cannage".

Now I don't want to be superficial, but if you're the normal A4 person you probably don't have Dior clothes and Chanel purses laying around. So the luxurious packaging gives a nice touch to the everyday routine and looks good displaying with your makeup!

The colours has glitter in them and on the lid it gives a enhancing semi-shine look to them. It's hard to describe them, but they are perfect for doing ethereal looks like elves. The pigment isn't too strong and when you swipe the white over your lid it seems like you've used MAC colourbase in "Luna".

The eyeshadows have a lasting time for about 5-8 hours depending what you're doing and the primer you are using. I would suggest using a primer with this since the eyeshadow will probably not show and they crease easily because of the buttery texture.

So if you are travelling, looking for some luxury or just want something easy and simple, this is a good choice. But if you require a lot from your eyeshadow like 10 hour days without creasing, and you want nude shadows I would go for the urban decay naked basics or makeupstore's eyeshadows.

Johnlewis.com  £37.80 

Now since this is Dior the price is quite high, it's really expensive for somebody on a budget or somebody who wants more options. But if you're more of the plain and elegant type then this can be a investment. 

Rating 4/5