Rocking the undercut and ombrè

Now I am finally happy with my hair for once. The picture is by the way screenshot from the video I am editing now. I am nearly done, but I need to add music, texing and upload it, so I wasn't sure I could get it up by tonight so I wanted to get something up for you!
The top hair is on what hairdresser call 6, which is the darkest blonde shade, naturally I'm around eight and seven in the back of my head.
The reason I went darker the first time was because I wanted to stop bleaching and ruining my poor hair. But I am allergic to regular permanent hair dye (Ammonia), so I am using demi-permanent. And it doesn't hold as good, but it's ammonia free.

Since the hair lightens quite fast I wanted to be a bit darker, and I wanted that after a month with my harsh FAST shampoo and conditioner it would still be around a eight/seven which is light to medium blonde. So I tried 6 this time instead of seven, and the base was darker as well so it got to a true cold 6, and I didn't think it was too dark! I loved it actually!
So when I am finished with my FAST cure I am definitely keeping it at a 6, but I'm going to try 5 (light brown) next time I think.

Okay back to editing and studying for a test tomorrow, hopefully see you later tonight! 

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