Growing hair fast?

I have now used FAST shampoo and conditioner from November to February and this is my review on them. Remember not only to read the highlighted parts, as I didn't do it the package recommended way, I did it at the way the company recommended.

My hair growth

I cut of about 5 inches because of a bleaching mistake (Don't worry, it wasn't my work) after one month use, so really it's December to February.
Take in mind that 1 inch = 2,5 cm. The average hair grows 1-1,5 cm a month. I cut my hair twice, once in early January and once in late February, and it included 2 cm together
My hair has grown 2 inches + 2 cm cutting since I cut my hair and using the package about every third to every second day.
That equals an average 7 months hair growth in 3 months!
If I'd use it everyday as recommended, it would have gone even faster, why I didn't do that I will explain down below.

How frequently did I use it?

I used it everyday the first two weeks, but there is no nurturing ingredients in these. The shampoo really opens the cuticles, and do not use this with any colour treated hair if you want it to last. Neither permanent, demi or semi permanent because it will rip it out.
After that I started using it as a regular shampoo and conditioner, only to boost the hair growth gradually since I rather want healthy then long hair.

How did it work as a shampoo and a conditioner?

Very drying and cleansing. If you have fragile hair that easily breaks, do not use this because it will break off. I mixed it with both a protein cure and a hair treatment hydrating mask. 
Another ting that bothered me was that it wasn't as said anything nurturing in it, so it's great for people who want volume, but it really lifted up my curls and made it harder to style and more frizzy.

Hair growth 5/5
Care 0/5
Volume 4/5
Rinsing 5/5

How to use it with minimal damage and maximum result?

- Make sure to use only good quality products, if you mix with a protein cure and hydrating masks, and only use the conditioner in the scalp and then finishing off with hair oil and other hair strength products.

- Do any other necessary requiems for hair growth
- Do not use heat at any point.
- Use as often as you can without getting dry hair
- Braid your hair every night to avoid damage, never sleep with wet or damp hair to avoid friction
- Vary your hairstyles, au naturelle can sometimes be damaged between purses, zippers and other and break/split ends, but try switching between high, middle and low ponytails and braids. If you use the same place for your hair ties this is the place that will be the most damaged because of friction.
- Trim away split ends
- Massage scalp everyday
- Take/eat hair growth vitamins

Now I am going to still use it sometimes, but because lately my hair has been really dry in the ends because of repeated chemical treatment I am now using Moroccan oil hydrating shampoo and conditioner for a while to let it heal. And when my hair is a little less dry I'll go on with only using this and then so on.

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