You can't tell me it's not going to work

I was in Trondheim today with dad, our weekly coffee and I made him go all around the mall with me, and I brought home alginate and plaster. The lady at the counter didn't think it would work without support like a cup, but I know that the alginates that theatre people use can be adjusted. She said it's quite runny and wouldn't stay on. And I don't take "You can't" for an answer, so I had to test it straight on my hand like the alginate I am used to, and it WORKED!
By the way, the alginate would always be in contact with the hand, you would just have to use a container and couldn't do life casts with it. Well, you can.
Trick is to add in less water at room temperature, the alginate sets faster with room temperature and it will be thicker, but then again, you need to work really quick.


So now I am adding in plaster to my pinky finger mould (I needed to test it before I used a lot without results), and I am reading up on how to mould on it and make effects!

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