There is not enough middle fingers for this monday

It is monday and I just had my first day at school after two weeks of the holiday and oh my god. I nearly didn't get any sleep today, so I was freaking tired all day. And ten minutes before I was about to leave this morning, our coffee machine breaks. so needless to say I bought two cups of the strongest cappuccino at the cafeteria..

But when I got home I could not go to sleep, or else I would just wake up like yesterday, and I ended up treating myself with my favourite crisp bread, and a nice big cup of hot broth next to it. And our internet was down for a little while, and I ended up watching "Closed case" and playing The Sims 3, until I finally got up, had dinner, did some dishes and filmed a new tutorial.

The tutorial will be up during this week, but I have a test on Wednesday, so I can't promise it will be these next few days.
Anyway, I just wanted to share a rant about how tired I was, but I did have a good day, eventually, haha!

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