"The name of the wind" by Patrick Rothfuss review

So I just finished the two out of the books that has come out of the king killer chronicles series and I am waiting for number three to come out. I finished the "The wise mans fear"  yesterday and was about to review it when I realized I hadn't reviewed the first book! 

So the King killer chronicles is about young Kvothe that grows up being the most famous magician the world has ever seen. Now Kvothe is telling the story himself, how, would be a little spoiler. But he has gone undercover as a simple landlord owner with his student Bast and decides to tell his story about how he became famous and started a war.

In the book we get to know a number of interesting people, and the seemingly love of Kvothes life. We hold our breaths of excitements when the hero is trapped and bursts into laughter every time he does and says something unbelievably stupid. In the first book is really a hero story where the old adventures and stories plays a big part of Rothfuss's writing, but later in book one, and mostly in book two we get to see more of Kvothes dark sides.

But behind the story of what's been, there is also a mystery about what is going on with his student Bast.

Rating: 5/5, I loved this book and couldn't put it down, and I recommend it to most people that likes to read. It is essential for every fantasy lover and has a place in my heart near Tolkien and the other big fantasy writers.
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Kvothe, by EmegE on Deviantart

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