The boring face of reality

You're staying up late, again. You forgot that homework for tomorrow and it needs to be done. A youtube video by your favourite youtuber just popped up. You are still practising on that thing.
So when the next morning arrives you calculate exactly how little time you can possibly need. 20 minutes to get dressed, fix your hair, do your makeup, make food for the rest of the day, to make coffee and still smell like a decent human being.

So you finally get up in the morning, you grab the first clothes you possible see. You run into the shower and have brought your toothbrush.
After that you rapidly pull your hair tie from your dresser and pull up your hair. Toss on some mascara.
You turn on your coffee machine and rip the refrigerator door open. You take the same topping as yesterday because it's already there right in front of you.

As you take your thermoscup and put on your jacket, you look yourself in the mirror for the first time this morning, that will do.

This is pretty much me every morning. Therefore I rarely use much makeup, only on wednesdays when we start late.

This is the "glamorous" life most people live. In the end it doesn't matter if you're a makeup artist, a fashion enthusiast or a regular student. You're always in a hurry. That will do.