Taylor Swift - Blank Space makeup tutorial

I'm finally up with the video and it's been suuuuch a mess! Of course Taylor has all her music super copyrighted, so when I uploaded it with her song (Which fittet SO good btw) it was blocked, not from one country or two but the entire worlds. And since I can upload directly to youtube through my editor without adding it to my computer I originally only saved the raw file, and deleted the clips because they took up too much space. After discovering this, I was pretty nervous and managed to recover it without new editing from my SD card.
And then I had to find fitting royalty free music, and then upload again. And that's the story behind why it's uploaded in the middle of the night!

I really hope you like this, and I won't always do celebrity looks, but sometimes it's fun to switch up a bit and do the people that's on everybody's lips ATM!

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