My new years resolutions 2015

I haven't really made too much resolutions for 2015, mostly blogrelated actually! I think I just have too much long term goals, that I don't have too much ones in a year. But I do have some!

- Reach 110 000 views, which for me is incredible! In this year I gained about 59 900 views, and my current number is at 79 385 (Meaning last year I had just reached 20.000 views)

- Make at least one video a month

- Save money for school and future

- Start talking in videos, including making favourite videos etc. This is for me personally the hardest. Not because I think the other ones aren't going to be difficult. But the view thing is about how much others like my blog, I can't really influence that other then trying my best to keep up. And the 50 book challenge is about how fast I can read, and so on.

I'm going to admit that I can be very self-concious. And this is really difficult for me. But I've been thinking about how much more I love the "talking" youtubers myself, even my best friend asked me about why I didn't speak english in my videos and "What's the problem then?". And I didn't really have any answer other "But, what about what others would think about it?". AND that's NOT a good reason.
So my technique is the same with making videos,  make some, don't neccesarily post them, just get comfortable around the camera and practice. It isn't until this month I started making better videos, but there's a lot of practice behind it. Before I was really nervous about it and awkward, now it's so natural to me that if anyone questions me about it I'm like "Yeah, so?".

- 50 book challenge. I'm going to try to read 50 books in one year.. And I am almost certain that I'll fail.

- Start to study more for tests. And to make it more concrete, sit down and study at lest the two nights  before a test for an hour. Unless it's a practical cutting test without documentation, because I can't cut my dolls outside school and class.

- Finish my damn book about special effects at least two times and take notes/transalate and narrow the thing you need down in a note book.

- Finish my memorybook so far

- Paint at least three paintings

- Getting better at keeping old friends and remember to call them once in a while

- Keep doing the resolution from last year, at least 5 hours special effects a week

- Learn how to make fake teeth and make some

- Learn how to life cast and make a life cast of your hand to sculpture on

And that is all I have for now, what are your new year resolutions?