My five favourite youtubers with subscribers less then 10.000

Youtube is floaded with popular channels and panicing big numbers, so it's easy to get lost in the jungle that is youtube. And since it's hard to be discovered these days, I thought I would share my top 5. And don't worry if I didn't mention you, if I subscribe, I like you


They're defining  the quality of their current videos:

- Video/camera quality
- Talking loud and clear
- Interesting videos/scripts
- If so, good tutorials with high level

The youtube channels are listed randomly

Aniqua dreams 

with 369 current subscribers

I just discovered Aniqua and I love her channel. The videos are bright, have high quality and are very fun to watch. That she only has 369 subs are confusing for me since she makes such good videos. So I will recommend you to check her out.

Nilla Co
Currently 122 subscribers

Pauline makes diverse interesting videos. Her DIY are easy to follow and the quality of the videos are good. 

Alchemy Makeup Artistry 

With 3509 current subscribers

She makes sporadic videos, but the ones she does make is priceless to watch. She's truly a talented artist and I hope she will continue making videos.


With 70 current subscribers

Daniella makes fun, good quality videos, I find them energic and happy. I'm looking forward to follow her journey in youtube :D 

Avni Mohindra

1658 current subscribers

I have subscribed to Avni for a while now and I think she is so fun! She's more of a vlogger and "Talking" youtuber, not into beauty.
I promise you'll fall in love with her sass after watching her!

I hope you liked any of them and tell me if you want me to continue doing these types of recommendations :D

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