Go big or go home, MAC "Cyber" lipstick review

The "cyber" shade from MAC is clearly for the daunting. It's deep purple and can in right light be mistaken for black lipstick. I was looking for a lipstick that stands out, but not unflattering and I love me some berry shades.
So I looked through MAC, because it's my favourite store for lipstick and it stood out. I brought with me the lip liner "nightmoth" as well, because it's the same colour as cyber, but cyber can be a bit translucent, so if I want one deeper colour, I can add it beneath. And if I want more of a translucent colour I can add in lip balm and skip my lip liner.


The finish is a satin, and it does point out every flaw on your lip. So lipscrub and prepping is definitely needed here. But it's because of the dark colour and it won't stick well enough unless the surface is smooth.


It hold good and fades with dignity. If you make sure to apply lipbalm whenever your lipstick is slightly patchy, it will transform into a nice berry stain and it just looks like you've eaten pops-tickle. Now my lips doesn't do it properly justice right now as they are really chapped. But I will advise you to stay away from this if you have small lips, because it will small-en them even more and make it look like you only got a line.  

Other then that it's buildable and creats a more solid colour depending on layers and surface.

It does definitely get everywhere and do never dare to eat with it. You will get a chin-stache. So that's a downside, because I always try to use it with darker clothing for that reason. And it does dry out your lips, so my lips can not handle this in the middle of November to February cause they are constantly chapped.


Depending on your boldness, anyone can wear it. You might want to stay away a bit if you're very warm tones. I am especially cold toned and tend to look dead in orange, so keep that in mind. A trick is to add a warm red beneath and it ends up looking more cherry like. 
But this looks great on dark skinned people and really defines their lips, and since their dark skin compliments the dark tone, it doesn't look so gothic. 


- I gave minus becaue it really shows chapped lips
- I gave minus because it bleeds easily


Quite reasonable for a good quality lipstick, which is one thing I love about MAC. The price layes around 18 dollars and can be purchased online in maccosmetics.com or in store. 

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