A lifesaver for cracked dry winter hands

I am going to tell you something they don't mention when hairdressers and schools are talking about hairdressing, your hands literally crack up. It not to hard to figure out, your hands are constantly in water in touch with shampoos, soaps, heaven we just learned to use gloves during perms and dyeing.
And with the very dry norwegian air combined with quite dry skin, my hands itches and are white and cracked. Especially where my fingers and hand meet, because it takes the longest time to dry.

So in half a year I struggled with this, and if I forget it the problem is right back. I tried scrubbing, and using gloves for the most part. But then I got this from Marianne at christmas and it saved my hands!

This hand cream smells delicious, it dries into the skin fast so I don't mess around when I'm cutting hair, the body shop doesn't test on animals and it is quite moisturising.
I only massage it into the fingers, especially where it's dry and cracked and it's gone after 30 min.

Sorry this was so sort, but I am still a bit out of shape and spent most of my afternoon sleeping since I was at school!

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