2 months without sugar

Okay, so I started this "bet" with two of my friends, no sugar-related things until march 5th. I can also see now it's a thing on facebook, but we scheduled this in November.
Junk/fastfood is not allowed, cafè au lait etc. is not allowed (Black coffe is), soda, potato chips or any kind of candy or dessert.
But, since this is not supposed to be so hard, rather a push in the right direction, we're allowing one thing you can eat/drink as your guilty pleasure. Neither of the two took things they eat a lot, I chose diverse coffee, because I don't sugar my milky coffee, so it's not terrible. And of course this is only to eat healthier generally, and we are not supposed to eat ice cream everyday, like Kristins guilty pleasure is.

I just thought I'd be fun to share, and give me a real kick in the butt, because now it's "official" and I don't want to break it. Plus, maybe it will be a yearly tradition, make the already shittest month of the year even shittier, because I don't want to much sweets in the summer, only iced soda!

It's definitely helping me snack on healthier things, so if you know about a healthy snack, please tell me in the comments! :) And I met dad today and used the majority of my home time studying for a test, so I didn't do anything blog related, this is the rescue when I don't have backup posts, I've learned my lesson ..

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  1. Åh, så spennende! Masse lykke til, dette greier dere :D