When working with photography you need raccoon eyes

If you are working a lot with makeup, I guess you know exactly how much makeup is going to be needed. You see the camera takes away about 20-25% of the makeup, not to mention blitz and stuff like that. That means if you're going for a smokey eye, contoured face and glowing lips, the model is going to look little dirty and angry.
That was exactly how Ronja looked when I did her makeup, we actually tested the makeup a couple of times before actually shooting the photos. And the amount that the student photographer (And I would if the light would not flatten her face so much) thought okay is this going to look way too dark, was barely showing on camera. I did actually know we needed a lot since I've done photography makeup a lot before, so I wasn't too worried when I made a brown streak on Ronja's face, but I was kind of worried about the nose and cheekbones eventually..
Anyway, I am rambling. But if you are a photographer or makeupstudent/artist/enthusiast it may be helpful to know if you need a more dark, contoured and sexy look. 

Here are some pictures taken by Kristin Mostad, you can find her blog here. 

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