Third degree burn video tutorial using cheaper materials

This is the tutorial for a blogpost a couple of days ago. I hope you like it and find good use of it at halloween or to scare somebody

If you're wondering why the thumbnail/start picture looks different then in the finished result in the video, it's because this is the second makeup, I had already taken pictures of the same technique and didn't have time to photograph this one, only to shoot a video. 

Products used:
kryolan old age wheel
Ben nye master fx bruise wheel
Ben nye nose and scarwax
Mehron Castor oil (Instead of glycerin)
Mehron Spiritgum
Ben nye translucent powder in "fair"

If you have any comments, requests or concerns, feel free to contact me. Please share the video, like and subscribe, if you liked it because it really helps me to get my work out there.

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