The ghost of Christmas past

The background picture is taken by michaelleon.net and the part in the picture that's me, is my work. 

The old story written by Charles Dickens, "A christmas carol". I remember growing up with this story at Christmas, especially the Disney version with Donald Duck and uncle Scrooge.
So when I am doing christmas makeup post, of course I need to do a mini series with the ghost of christmas past, present and future.
In the story the christmas past is about a happy Ebenezer Scrooge, with youthful cheering. That's what I wanted to interpret in my look. I wanted the innocence, and the impression of happiness and youthfullness.
It wasn't obvoius oin the photos, it's just a settled glow. But I added in some white face paint in my face and on the cheeks also MAC creme colour base in "Luna" frost finish. This gave a very ethereal glowing look as I didn't paint it white and used a blush brush to apply. Basically it looks like I added colourglow when I didn't.
The chains are both inspired by movies where the ghosts are attached to chains, and for the symbolic that the past is trapped and cannot be changed.

What Christmas movies did you grew up watching?

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