November favourites 2014

IT'S 1TH DECEMBER!! IT'S 24 DAYS UNTIL CHRISTMAS AND A WHOLE MONTH OF JOY!!I'm very exited for Christmas, but I need to close this months favorites first.

Ciate nailpolish in"Heirloom"

This nail polish has a really unique look to it. I brought it up from my collection now as it's winter because I prefer darker colors in the winter. It's metallic, with gold, a hint of olive and red/pinkish shimmer. The combination looks beautiful, and it reminds me of middle earth, dragons and Christmas


I've been watching a ton of Netflix this moth and are now at season 5 episode 13 at "How I met your mother".


This is really good for keeping track on the books I've read, and suggestions on what to read depending on what you like. It also shows what your friends are reading and their reviews, which is always helpful because you might get inspired. I also add books I want to read so I don't forget good or useful titles.
The last thing that helped me truly was the "Currently reading poll", since I am reading a non-fiction textbook it's kind of though to get through. It's a lot of learning and you need to study it properly. And if you fill in what page you are on, it calculates how much percent of it you have read. It motivated to keep on going for me.

I haven't had much favorites in the November moth, it's a cold and dead month for me. But in December I am all ready with more beauty favorites!

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