New canon camera

What a lousy blog weekend this has been, I'm not going to bore you with the details, I was working and have had a lot of family things going on, so I haven't been able to squeese out more then hello and goodbye.

But on Thursday I bought a new camera, Canon 600D EOS. I pretty much use my old camera everyday, and I would like to become better at photography I thought it was a good investment.
The reason I bought the camera now before Christmas was because I came over a offer (I didn't buy it brand new) that was too good to say no to, since I was determinated to get exactly this camera straight after Christmas anyway, and then for thousands more! 

A plus for blogging, and travelling is that the Canon 600 D has the benefit of a reversible screen. This means I can see myself whilst taking photos and filming. And since filming will become easier, I will probably do more videos as well! I haven't had the chance to test my camera too much yet, so I can't give more review then this.  

But I have to tell you about this project! I am making my own bald cap. It is not completely smooth, which is practical for the use I am doing, but I hope to improve or find a better technique for it when I need it smooth without a life-cast. 
So I am finishing my first try today, and I have been working on it for two days now! The latex takes forever to dry, so I can do other things whilst this is drying.

A quick note, as I assume most of you know Christmas is in 10 days, so it can happen that I am a little busy finishing my home-made presents and last week schoolwork this week, sorry is updates are late or too short. 

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