My painting for grandma and grandpa this christmas

As I've talked about, I was very busy in the days before 24th (We celebrate 24th night, not 25th morning in Norway) of December.
For her birthday, my grandma wanted something home-made and I had two ideas, and I was determined to finish both. The first was a fun episode with me and my grandma, which was appropriate for her birthday and this painting more of a a gift to them both.
But I also wanted to paint them something, the other one suited promarkers best. I am slightly better at painting then I am on drawing, so it seemed the most appropriate to give more time into this.
This is the finished result after several weeks and I have finally a painting to show in my "art" folder.

I am aware I'm not the best painter in the world, but I still think it was good enough to gift my grandparents and I am proud since this is the first full canvas painting I've done. Before I've painted bits and pieces on paper sheets.

If you're curios about the materials:

Blue, green, black and white acrylic paint for almost everything. Exlutions, yellow and red for the inside of the eye and yellow mixed with white for teeth and claws.

1. and 3. (If I remember right) brush. Basically, small detail brush, smaller then a lip brush and a medium sized (About the size of a concealer brush or a finger tip)

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