Adorable Santa's workshop elf

A christmas elf, of course I needed to do that one. I feel like if I should describe any character/fantasy creature to be me, it would be and elf, maybe particuarly santas workshop elf. Bubbly, cute, annoying and crafty! Yes it sums me up..
Funny thing about this look, I haven't actually added any fake ear. I just used a little bit of latex and spiritgum to made the very tip of my ear stick together, I am "blessed" with very sharp ears, haha.

Sorry this update came so late, I went to Starbucks today with Kristin and didn't worry too much about anything.

Yes indeed, you do not simply dress up as an elf and not take weird selfies. And yes, I have crazy-eyes. Well that's it for tonight, please tell me if you are interested in a tutorial or if you liked the look.

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