Top 6 beauty products winter

It's november, or should I say Movember and it's time for other favourites in the beauty section!

GHD Straightener

In the winter, a straightener for me is essential from time to anogther. The cold weather makes it super duper frizzy and sometimes I just want to cut it all off. I can see my straightener getting used a lot this winter.
I show the rose gold collection we just brought into our salon, and I want it so bad! But I already own the candy collection in violet, so I can't.

Picture borrowed from http://www.makeupandmacaroons.com

Decleor cleansing water

I usually wear more makeup in the winter and I tend to eat a lot more sugar and drink more hot drinks. This leads to worse skin and it also needs proper cleaning.
I use this one fron Decleor and I think it fits my skin well. It's meant for all skin types and eyes/face, and I don't have any particular big issues with my skin. I love how sensitive it is, and it removes everything from my face.

Moroccan oil 

Just like the strightener, I always use oil in the wintertime. It's really a daily ritual, but I'll include it in my top 6.

Holiday themed products

Anything christmas festive, bring it on. Just like my lush "Hot toddy" showergel.
If it smells like toddy, spices, ginger or cinnamon I'll keep it up the entire year. I love anything that has to do with christmas, but if it's scented like christmas I never let go!

MAC Blush Breezy

I always go darker in the blush section through winter. The makeup gets darker and more mysterious. And I think it looks dainty with some dark flushed cheeks and dark cheekbone contouring.

The last thing I'm loving of high end right now is the LancĂ´me eye kohl in "Noir". 

The look deepens and it smudges perfectly, giving a sexy hazed look.

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