Theatrical thursday #8 creepy evil clown makeup (Chelsea smile)

Sorry for the crappy quality aka Ipone quality, but bringing my DSLR, my bag with schoolsupplies and my makeup briefcase on the bus isn't the most popular option..

Anyway, this is a creepy clown makep that I did on Sofie at the salon I am on trough school. It is a crossing of a mental, mad and evil cirqus clown. It's supposed to remind of a time where patients were lobotomized and even worse. The clown had been trown out of the fun and happy cirqus and into an old mad house, they tortured the clown and the ends of her mouth ripped because of all the screaming and dehydration. After all these years the clown lost all it's colours besides the bright red hair and the wound from all the torture. 

And yes it's a dark story, but I had to match the chelsea smile, or glasgow smile if you prefer that. The condition comes from cutting small cuts in the sides of the mouth and the victim screaming causing the flesh to rip and leaving a smile like wound. 

Reference: http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Glasgow_smile