Shaving my hair off

Okay, maybe a bit of an exaggeration in the title, I did shave my hair of. Some of it at least.
Yesterday at school we fixed each other and I shaved off the underpart of my hair, an undercut it is. It's typically done with a bob to make the design line nicer. I'd seen it some places with long hair and I thought it looked awesome. I also have very thick coarse hair in my neck, so it was really practical as well.
And the thing about the blonde hair.. Well, it was supposed to turn out grey. But my grey got green, so I settled with blonde. And when I came home with it my mum was so exited over my blonde hair, and in fact my undercut. And now as I've gotten used to it, I like it again! So I decided to keep it, at least for a while.

So I've been sick all day and tomorrow I'm working from 9am to 3pm, a makeupjob 5pm and celebrating a friends birthday at 8pm. So if updates are a little slow, sorry and good night! 

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