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I was thinking about what to post, and I am kind of bored to always feel the need to post something sfx related or theatre makeup. Don't get me wrong, I still love it to death. But this blog was never meant to be a sfx/theatre makeup blog, and I am really into "regular" beauty like hair, makeup and stuff. And at the same time, making one "obligary" post a week with theatre makeup/sfx is totally fine and do-able, but to post a new thing everyday? It's nearly impossible with my job, full time school and still keep up social life and other hobbies.

Now I have some posts that I'll try to write out this weekend, but I wanted to post a blog with some sharing. Because I always posts looks of my own work, it's time to show some others.

I do have lots more, but I am only including the ones that I have names and links for. I have also been thinking about a recreation series, where I take a look and recreate it more or less. I maybe do videos about it or maybe I'll add in my own twists, and letting you guys know the original look of course.

Audfaced is one of my favourite makeup artists. She do make videos from time to time but I prefer her instagram as it is a lot more updates. 

I think this is a great inspiration picture and can also be used as a base for even more horrifying looks!

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