I cut off my finger!!!

Ouchy! I am sleeping over at my dads house because it is his 45th birthday. So I dragged some sfx things before I came here. And this is what came out of limited equipment.

I've only been at school, packing, eating dinner (Steak, lucky me!), watched "Bloggerne" and done this look. After I have finished writing this, we'll eat waffles and I am going to cut dads hair. After a whole day of hairdressing I'll have to admit I am not really motivated, but I need some practise.


  1. Ææh, dør av disse bildene, guri du er så flink altså! Virker som en koselig dag <3

  2. Å herregud jeg trodde det var ekte først, fikk helt bakoversveis. Så flink du er!