How to interpret winters trend metallic colour in a more settled (and cheaper!) way

Trends come and go, it is almost impossible to insert them all into your wardrobe. At least for the average person! And rose gold is very hot at the moment. The metallic beauty suits most people and is absolutely gorgeous, because it's not quite gold, not quite pink and not quite copper, it's unique.
And a cheaper way then buying clothing and expansive jewlerry is to use this colour in your makeup. If you have blue eyes it is especially nice as an eyeshadow, because the orange, pink and the gold combined makes blue pop. And it is a quick fix!

I am using MAC Eyeshadow Expansive Pink for 16 Dollars! That pot has lasted me 6 months already.. Basically, you get to be trendy everyday! And since it is such a beautiful and settled colour, no need for replacing it in the summer, it makes any face glow.

 Here is a close up of the eyeshadow and you can see how it glows.I always think about Greece when I see this. It's beautiful, magic and ethereal.
Now I was testing out a look when I did this eyeshadow and I was going out in the dark (Meaning, more makeup then I would in daylight). But if you want it to really show, focus less on blush and bright lips. I just wanted an accent colour of this, and not to be the centre of my look.
I only mixed this with a cat shaped brown shadow and hazy eyeliner.

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