How to go from frizzy crazy curly hair to smooth elegant sexy waves

Are you like me and have this crazy curly hair?
While the hair does give attitude, sometimes it is nice to go for something more smooth and elegant.

These are tips and tricks I have learned from my own experience


This will calm the frizz, hydrate the hair and smooth the curls. You can leave it in for 5-20 min, depending of the dryness and thickness of your hairstrains wait longer.
If wanted you can also leave this overnight in the ends of your hair. Remember to apply in wet to towel dry hair so it doesn't get greasy and shower it out the next morning.

1.5. A lot of people with curly hair have natural dry and frizzy hair. That means that cutting it will work for a little while, but it will come back before you've grown out your hair


Tame the frizz and collect the curls together and it instantly look healthier.
Add after shower and every morning, I'm using moroccan oil.

Airdry or optinoal soft styler

Airdrying will not add any extra volume to your hair and for this hairstyle, we want that. And the best for hair is no heat.
But if you can't lay off the hairdryer there is this mecanism called soft styler, which is basically a mouth piece for the hair dryer. It spreads the air out more and get the hair drier instead of frizzyer and bigger.

Obvious things

Comb the hair down. And not so obvious, comb first and then add the hairoil. This will keep the frizz that was made by the comb together. 

Braid it 

and sleep with it, but do the braids loose enough not to create more small curls and tight enough to make it somewhat stay during the night. This will collect the hair and not make it go all over the place, and a plus side the friction of the fibre in the pillows will not damage or frizz the hair so much. 

I am straightening my bangs. But I'm avoiding heat everywhere else.

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