Home made candles christmas gifts

It is exactly one month until Christmas, and in Norway we celebrate with gifts the night of the 24th and not the morning 25th. And all of the gifts that I've bought are wrapped in ready to be given and I am starting on the home made ones.
For my grandparends I am giving 50s inspired milkshake candles, and I wanted to show you the progress. It isn't a tutorial, but I will include the steps in case you want to make them yourself.
First, one white, one pink and one red candle, I also had a clear heatproof container to melt the wax inside, two containers for the candles and a bowl to keep the scraped wax
I started with the white wax and scraped it, and melting the wax at the same time.

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Once I filled the containers with enough white I started mixing pink and white.

And then I filled in the red on the very top.
I finished with creating a fake straw out of a wood pin and some paint, and adding white scraped heated wax on the top to make it look like ice cream!

 Are you doing any DIY for christmas?
- Elise

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