Four makeup blogs worth reading

I just came home from the new hunger games movie and I had such a rush so I didn't have time for a makeup look. And it seems like you enjoy my blog sharing, and since makeup is highly relevant to my own blog, I wanted to share a few.
Keep in mind I am writing this very late, rewritten from scratch twice because of my stupid internet and my mother has been on the phone in the other room (Our house walls are thin, not really soundproof) and because of that I ended up being distracted, so in the end it's a bit thin.
Anyway I hope you like it and I've mixed both people that has a poplar blogs, and bloggers who aren't discovered yet that I read.


I found the picture here

The author behind this blog is Tamira Jarrel. I believe I've mentioned her before, and that is because I love her blog. I started following here quite some time ago and she is definitely one of my biggest inspirations, both for style and blogging. I love her elegance and I love her simplicity, when watching the film "Coco chanel" it actually reminded me of her. The elegance was the same. She doesn't just do makeup, she writes about fashion and lifestyle as well.
The blog has a simple delicate, but still modern design. I'm not sure if she's a photographer, I don't seem to remember. But nonetheless her pictures are beautiful. She brings revolution into a world of makeup and blogging, it doesn't seem like "blogging" and more serious, but in a very good way.


I found the picture here
Makeupnadine is a Norwegian beauty blogger. She's one of the better and you can see the international professionalism through her. The blog design is fun and cute, I think it looks like most Norwegian bloggers really. But her makeup is very good and she applies makeup perfectly, she claims she's self-taught.


I found the picture hair
A fun blogger and a perfect place for discovering new products and her opinion about the products you've looked at for months. The blog feel is fun, youthful and colourful. She has a heavy weight on writing reviews.

Eltoria's secret

I found the picture at her blog
Eltoria is the newest discovery of these bloggers and I can already see me liking her blog. She just did a post on eyebrows, which is frankly where I found the photo and I loved it!
Eltoria is more modern and reminds me of Zoella because of her long brown hair.

Now my internet is out so I'm using 3G shared internet on my phone and I need to go to bed, so goodnight. 


  1. This post is perfect because I love learning about blogs. There's millions out there so it's always nice to get some guidance on some great ones. :] // ▲ itsCarmen.com ▲

  2. off to check them out! thank you for sharing!
    i'm following you on bloglovin'. hope you'll look for me too. see you around!

    a possible fantasy

    1. Hope you found one you liked! ❤️ I suspect I'm already following you 😊

  3. Thanks a lot, its so fun being on your list! I love reading your blog too! :)