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Hello lovelies, the clock doesn't have enough hours, but I still find time to drink my tea and write a post.
When I took the bus to school this morning I got a very happy message and it made my day a bit. I have gotten 7 new followers on bloglovin yesterday. And because it seems like you like my sharing posts, I'll keep on with them sometimes.
And I do have a link to this, but I figured I would tell you about bloglovin anyways.

This is how I look when I have school and aren't home until 7 pm, I don't fill in my eyebrows and nearly no makeup. But it's great to relax, nobody cares if you're not looking on point all the time.

Sitting with my old pyjamas and writing..


You are bloglovins target audience, you are a person who read(s) blog(s). And sometimes it's hard to keep track on all of them. And I have bloglovin for that. Then I get all my bloggers in a feed!


  1.  I can remove the posts I don't care about, swipe uwards and keep them out of the way, meaning I get to read what I want from the bloggers and it's less time consuming
  2. They have one amazing mobile app, which is good for the readers. It let's you read the content easily like newspaper on your phone.
  3. They have an explore page, which enables you to discover new posts and blogs easily. 
  4. You can also search for type posts you want. Like "Blogging tips", "Smokey eyes", "Health", "Fitness"
  1. You cant play videos on them.
  2. Commenting on posts can be time consuming. 

On the left part of my site you can find a button to following me on bloglovin permanently, but I added in one here as well, 

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