Christmas series planning

It's now soon December and although for some Christmas seems far away, for bloggers it's already started. And this is because we have to plan out our Christmas posts.
I am going to do a christmas related post everyday until 25th of December I am thinking and hope that is possible.
Now I want to add in a lot of makeup into this series. So far I have:

  1. Holiday Glam
  2. The nightmare before christmas
  3. The Grinch 
  4. Jack Frost
  5. Something with three ornaments
  6. Something with a christmas tree
  7. Ghost of christmas past, future, present

Now I have some of my own I'm keeping thight to my chest until I make them. But do any of you want to see something special, or something you want me to create? It doesn't have to be christmas related, but it is a plus!

Anyways, I'll be adding a pole until sometime in December with different options on what makeup look will be on 24th of December, so please vote and have a nice day!

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