This time I'm actually leaving

I seem to have said that a lot the last year. But it's not so dramatic this time. Our train just got postponed, and we didn't notice it on our tickets, until 10 min before we where leaving. So I am in Oslo about 7 O'clock and I am so anxious if I'll be grumpy and sleepy all monday. No of course not. A little. A lot. But my travel friend will probably be tired to, SO IT'S OKAY! 

Because I'm a lazy bastard, I didn't bring out my SLR camera out of my luggage, instead I'll use phone photos. I'm professional.

I don't seem to post a lot of no makeup pictures. But this is me, with my hair air-dried and untouched, without any makeup on my face..

What have I been doing all day? Well I wrote a get to know me post firstly, I fixed my menu so you can find this post any time, I spent an hour or something reading and commenting some blogs (Got to catch up at my bloglovin!), watched some netflix, I've actually been gaming assasains creed II. And let me tell you, I'm an absolute noob at it. I refuse to ever play with someone in the room that is over the level on technology as a turtle, slow.

Now I'll enjoy my cinnamon candles, clean a bit, straighten my bangs and leave Trondheim for a while..

I've brought brushes and some sfx makeup with me to Oslo, so I'll be soon up with more theatre makeup. I noticed my clawed up has gotten a lot of views, and it seems like you guys like the sfx makeup! So if you like it, I would be very glad to hear it from you and what type of makeup looks you like to see (Bodypainting, kids facepaint, sfx, movies etc.)

Have you heard the song "Gangsta" by Kat Dahlia? I recently heard it, I love it and I'll play this on repeat on the train!

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