Theatrical Thursday #7 Old fashion scary vampire

It's one day left for halloween and I have nothing to do, or that's wrong, I'll be in school and do some makeup for people, but I'm not doing a look on myself.
So to compensate, I used monday to plan this weeks posts, and I did a vampire look on myself to theatrical thursday.
The idea behind this vampire is the old fashioned vampires. It's not a particular sexy vampire, it's wrinkly, gothic and angry. Some compared it to true blood, it wasn't my intention (I have honestly never seen true blood), but hey it works. Seeing now it would be cool to add in veins and shit, but I like the idea of a "pretty" but still scary vampire. I'm sick of that sparkling shit.

Products used:

Scarecrow "love bite" fake vampire teeth
Kryolan facepaint in "white"
Naked basics palette "faint" and crave
Makeupstore eyeshadow in "Moscow"
Princess pinky Cosplay Corunus contact lenses
Lancôme Hypnose Doll lashes
MAC lipliner "Nightmoth"
MAC Lipstick "Cyber"


  1. Wow, skvatt faktisk litt på det siste bildet, haha! Lykke til med å sminke de andre da :D