Theatrical Thursday #4 There is a spider in my face! (Tutorial)

I don't know about you, but when I was young and trick or treat - ing my mum always drew this simple spider. Now I love my mum, but she's far from an artist. And as a more creative spirit, I recreated the look my mum made on me for years!

The thing about this look, it is not very hard to do. It looks complicated and to just look at the finished result makes this really hard for beginners to recreate it. If you are good at drawing or face painting, of course this will be easier, but I'm going to show you step by step that makes this a lot easier!

This is perfect for kids Halloween costume, a quick makeup for your own party and fits witches, monsters and other scary creatures. You can also wear it by itself.

1. Outline the basic spider, choose whatever spider you want. Here I'm going with a black widow. If you are going with some other spider, make sure to have a reference photo!

2. Draw in the red/pattern of the spider. 

3, Start with highlighting, to make sure that you get it light enough, If you do this afterwards, the colours may smudge together. If you want to red/pattern to look even more reflective, do this step before filling in the red face paint. 

4. Use the base colour and fill in the empty spaces and thickening the edges of your spider. To make the highlight more realistic, feather the colour into the highlights.
I am using black as this is the black widows colour, but if you are doing any other spider, feel free to change it.

5. I chose to do a simple makeup with this, but you can add your design now. If you are doing a witch for example.

5./6. If you have finished another design then normal this is nr 6, but if you keep it without any makeup around it, it's nr 5. Make shadows beneath the spider that connects with the tips of the hands(?) or legs (?), because the shadow connects to it's starting point. 

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